Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PVP- player versus player 2nd intructions

In the first phase we talked about one of the warzone`s that we can find in swtor... "huttball".
Now we will talk about the 2nd and 3rd type of warzones, starting with: Voidstar. Voidstar is an attack/defend time/round based type of warzone.
Each team that either attacks or defends have 7 min $ 30 seconds to defend or attack succesfully. But what are we attacking and defending?  Mainly there are 3 checkpoints in the zone, consisting 2 doors at each checkpoint... 1 door on east and 1 door on the west side.
The defenders must make sure they do not allow players to plant a bomb on the door: The attacker team can interact with the door and have a 8 second timer gauge until they uccesfully plant. Any incoming attack on the player that is planting the bomb, will intrerupt it prematurely.
So your fellow attackers have to make sure, that they stun the opponents, push them back or kill them before they get to intrerupt the bomb planter. If the bomb has been succesfully planted, it needs 20 seconds before detonation... in this very time, the defenders must make sure they deactivate it, or the attackers proceed twoards the 2nd checkpoint. The defenders can interact with the bomb and defuse it, having 3 seconds for the defuse to take place.
If the attackers destroyed the first door, then they proceed twoards a bridge, that they must activate so they reach the 2nd door checkpoint. Same as planting... attackers have 8 seconds to lower the bridge after they interacted with the console panel, any intrerupt will end the  process. In this phase, the attackers can either generate a "choke point" for the defenders or destroy them quickly and have the bridge for theyr own without any interference.
Chocke point: The attacker is making sure they hold off the defenders to they wont reach the bridge, mainly someone with force speed ( sorcerer/assasin) will rush the panel to lower the bridge. After lowering the bridge, they once again will rush the 2nd door checkpoint and plant the door while the defenders are still trying to break through the attackers choke point. Destroying them:The attackers will wipe the defenders and they will be respawned past the bridge, that grants the attackers to raise the bridge without any hostile activity... but this will allow the defenders to place themselves in position to defend the 2nd checkpoint ( not advisible for the attacker).
After the attackers managed to destroy the 2nd door aswell ( if they still have time) they will proceed twoards the 3rd door. Same as before, but instead of a bridge, they will encounter a barrier wich they must shutdown, in order to get to the 3rd door. Same case for the defenders,they must not allow the attackers to lower it, and buy time. If the attackers lower the bridge, and destroy the 3rd door checkpoint, they will get to the main panel wich takes 0.5 seconds to activate. After the first round is done, comes round 2 of the warzone... where the ones that attacked before, will defend and vice versa for the defender team aswell.
If any team gets to the main panel before the 7 min and 30 seconds expire, they will reduce the time on the clock for the opposing team when they get to attack.
For example if the attackers get to the main panel in 5 minutes and activate it... in round 2 they will only have to defend 5 minutes, instead of 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
Winning method: Whoever gets to a further door wins( each door and barrier grants you 1 point, wich goes up to a maximum 6 points if you destroyed the last door and activated the main panel as well). Make sure you gain more ground then the opposing team, and defend well when it comes for you team  to do so. If on the other hand its a tie ( resulting from both teams getting to the same checkpoint) the winner will be randomly selected.

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