Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marauder rage tips

Since 1.2 came out, i would like to point out a good build that will grant you a lovely character.
Unfortunatly, this implyies having most of your war hero gear stats removed, and combine them with other mods, enchantments from other classes.
First of all you need surge power enchantments, power accuracy enchantments, you need power mods.
Getting 41 power, 53 accuracy ench are from sorcerer wh gears, you can find them on theyr gloves.
Getting the 39 power mods can be found on vindicator armors, on gloves as recalled. 
So the combination would be likewise:
Helmet would need 80 power, 53 accuracy, chest, 80 power 53 surge, gloves 80 critical, 53 surge, pants having 80 power, 53 accuracy, and your boots, having 80 power and 53 surge. Weapons should be vindicator sabers, not anything else.

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