Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swtor Craftin

Before 1.2 crafting wasnt really a big deal, since most ppl just went biochem for the rakata stims and adrenals, and nobody was really considering crafting armors and such. 
Altho, after 1.2 , the scales tipped into crafting favors, since atm, u can acctually craft and get to crit augments on your wh armors, wich is an add up to your stats overall. 
Mostly, its synthweaving and armortech that grants you the crafting abillity, for light medium and heavy armors, wich you can grade up slowly to achieve a high tier armor. 
The wh armor schematics can be purchased for 50k  credits at the any pvp wh vendor on the imperial fleet, wich will grant you 5 pieces wich are ( helmet  chest, gloves, leggings and boots ). You can still augment weapons aswell, but as far as i know, you cannot get the pvp implants ear, wrists and waist augmented, only the pve ones.

Swtor Leveling

Leveling in swtor is one of the most enjoyable things to do. The story line is trully vast, interacticting with voice and options of choice and answers along your journey with each and every ncp while you travel. 
Unfortunatly, your companions are only at worth while your leveling, and afterwards are only kept for crafting items for you, but they wont really be of any us other then that, since you will only be able to go into operations with players, and ofc you`ll be only use players to enter a warzone. 
You can ofc use your companion in the outside world, but you will rarely encounter any opposing faction player to pvp with. 
Mostly the storyline for each character is lovely, it shows your progression along the leveling, and now you become more powerfull after you overcome thougher enemys.

Swotr Pvping As melee

Lets look at certain styles of play as a melee character. First of all, you gotta be aware of 2 things: 1 staying close to your enemy as much as possible, and 2nd do not allow him to frequently have hits on you. Basically as marauder for example, you can kite around even in a melee fight. Y is this good, simply, it depends on your acctuall spec. If you are rage build vs rage build, you do not want your opponent to strike u down with smash, so you have to make sure that he misses that, if the opponent does miss, then you have a higher chance of winning againts him. How to avoid? well, usually you get cought up by latency, so the character is acctually closer to you then it is shown on your screen, but nevertheless, whever you see you opponent having 4x stacks of shock wave up and running, you can try to kite away, pull away as much as possible, or just go force camo to reduce 50% dmg, or pop a defensive abbility up.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sith assasin

Looking twoards the sith assasin, i find it a very good class, it is highly considered the most balanced character in swtor, and would like see the Deception class.
It is mainly based on massive burst damage, altho  it has low survivabillity,he doesnt lack the strenght to pin down any opponent in 1 versus 1 fight. It is kinda squishy  if he is being focused by multiple targets, but this build is made to take down tanks and tank healers out there. Deception is based on shock , maul and discharge as rotation,combined with recklessness, it can achieve a high amount of damage inflicted. A good rotation for it would consist in, voltaic slash 2x + low slash, followed up with mind crush and then shock and discharge, will have a huge about of dmg, if not even kill the opponent after done with this rotation.

Swtor Classes

Starting of, i would like to look forward to each individual class. I would like to start off with one class that i find unworth and mostly being played by people who are lasy ( bounty hunter) arsenal build.
Lets look at the facts, this class is just made for people who arent capable of pressing more then 3 buttons, they are only using tracer missile most of the time, and incase someone comes and intrerupts them, they either stay and dont do anything, or either spamm something else, like fusion missile or unload(if they even remember about it having them). Mostly this class has potency, and is more then just 3 buttons, it is the bad players that acctually play it makes the class bad, not that it is. Most of them go like, they cant do anything about melee ,cause they cant run away, wrong. They have a good chance to kill a melee even alone, but if they would acctually learn how to kite, then that wouldnt be a problem, some people are just bad, period.

Marauder rage tips

Since 1.2 came out, i would like to point out a good build that will grant you a lovely character.
Unfortunatly, this implyies having most of your war hero gear stats removed, and combine them with other mods, enchantments from other classes.
First of all you need surge power enchantments, power accuracy enchantments, you need power mods.
Getting 41 power, 53 accuracy ench are from sorcerer wh gears, you can find them on theyr gloves.
Getting the 39 power mods can be found on vindicator armors, on gloves as recalled. 
So the combination would be likewise:
Helmet would need 80 power, 53 accuracy, chest, 80 power 53 surge, gloves 80 critical, 53 surge, pants having 80 power, 53 accuracy, and your boots, having 80 power and 53 surge. Weapons should be vindicator sabers, not anything else.

Marauder rage

Rage spec, my favorite build at the moment. It is massive dmg if you come to twink it right. As rage marauder you want to keep it simple ,altho you will need alot of resources to make your foes tremble.
As rage marauder you want tons of power and surge, you dont rlly care about anything else. But if you know what you are doing you will simply have your crit above low and your accuracy on melee aswell.
Having alot of power ( mostly on all your gear) atleast 68 power on one piece and 48 surge.
You need accuracy aswell, because you have to ask yourself, what if i miss smash? or what if i did use smash but didnt inflict enough dmg? you gotta be aware that your ravage is based on melee ,your vicious throw is based on melee , and they are massive dmg dealing skills, that need to be at theyr hight, because you do not want to miss 10k if you miss smash, right? or you do not want to miss almost 5k dmg if you miss vicious throw right? all these are ment to be held up so you dmg enough.

Marauder carnage

Carnage is kinda similar to anihilate spec. It is based on melee attacks and slightly on force. Having your crit on melee high would be a great asset, and along with a high amount of accuracy, since you dont want any misses along the way. 
Altho stacking power along it would add up alot, since most of the carnage skills are low but fast dps, so having power and having your min dmg raised up would help. Conssisting above all, would be like having 34% crit unbuffed with 75% surge and above 103% accuracy to make it at its most efficiency. 
Carnage is implying alot of rapid dmg but having only slight chance to get your force scream crit, main reason y i find carnage a waste of spec, since you can easily get your force scream if you have your crit rate high enough. 
Having for example 30% crit on your melee attacks, will grant you above 37% crit on your force, so looking at it, you`ll have a high chance of almost criting all the time with force scream.

Marauder anihilate crit

About anihilate and its critical chance. Considering the fact that anihilation, has anihilate as main skill, and dots overall, you need your critical chance as high as possible. We need crit since it is about the low hits if we do not crit. 
Pointing out you need past 32% critical in your melee attack to make anihilate an efficient build. You could stack power and have a low grade crit chance, so even tho you do not crit, you have a decent amount of dmg output, but mostly it is not about having your main skill crit, it is about your dots criting, why? because having your dots crit will grant you a self heal of your max 2% hp, if you get a constant crit on your dots, they will add up nice dmg + self healing you, wich will sustain you  along the fight for more time. Surge is vital aswell, but not over de edge. Surge should be kept at 75% since it is decreasing horribly after the 75% barrier, it is a waste of stats adding further surge afterwards. 
An anihilate marauder should look like this. 102% accuracy ( would be wise to get the accuracy passive skill from carnage tree) above 30% critical unbuffed ( for a good chance of having your dots crit and heal up for it) and a 75% crit multiplier (inflicting more dmg above).

Marauder Anihilate

Lets look at the anihilate spec. We know it involves melee abilities and skills, so we gotta look forward on how to balance and twink out these stats.
As anihilte, you will want to have your accuracy as high as possible, because you want to miss or have your attackes parried or dodged by your opponent, especially your anihilate skill wich is your main dmg dealing skill,along with your dots rupture and deadly saber.
So , we wanna have our accuracy above 102%, why ? its simple. If your below 100% accuracy, you have a good chance for your opponent to parry your attack, and thats a waste of tempo considering you need to inflict as much dmg as possible to overcome your opponent in a pvp fight. After 100% accuracy,you get to penetrate the opponents defence, wich isnt rlly the case, because most characters have 5% defence, except tanks ,wich can have up to 20% or so. It is the ideal, if your opponent uses a defensive abillity, that ur able to overcome it and not miss on it.

Marauder Basics

Each build involves getting twinked certain stats for maximum output, it is up to the player to know to acctually get the character build right in equipement,for it to be efficient.
Looking at the marauder, we see he is based on melee attacks as anihilate or carnage, and based on force when we come to look over rage build. 
You need to equilize and point out the stats that you require to make a good use out of your skills, you need to know what is at its best, and how to twist around, reduce or enhance stats for better performance. 
Coming to note the fact that it would be a waste for example ,to add up alot of crit, if your rage spec, or ignore critical if your anihilate or carnage spec, i will look forward to point out each individual stat base build for each spec, to be at its full potency.

Swtor Marauder Rage

In this post i`ll talk about rage build. Rage build is a nuking build, wich focuses on taking down theyr targets with massive damage all togheder.
Main skill in rage is smash, with is the heavy hitter. Your skills grant you critical smash for 20 seconds gathered up from (force charge and obliterate) that allow you to crit. 
Further off, your other stacking smash skills are force choke and force crush, wich grant you smash, and when you have 4 stacks, it doubles your dmg on the crit smash. You can roll above 6k dmg on light armor with one smash blow, and over 4ks on heavy armor opponents. 
Not only that,rage is good in team up warzone party`s. it aids your team to toll down quickly whoever is againts you, and nuke them in a large group, leaving them with low hp and having your team finish them off.  

Main problem is having a distance between your opponent and yourself, since you need your force charge at use most of the time, you`ll want to wander around and not stick close, so you have all the utility and use of all your skills, while you are waiting for your smash to charge up and finish the job :) For this build to be quite viable, you`ll need stacking power and surge to add up massive damage ( but i`ll discuss about it in another post).

Swtor Marauder Carnage

Previously, i talked about Anahilate spec and its atributes, now i`ll tend to talk about Carnage Spec.
Carnage is sort of a build, wich grants you quick strikes, low dmg dealing ones (around 1.5k per hit) but constantly, so in terms, you can down your oponent quite quickly, if he doesnt spot you and counters it.
Carnage is based most on holding the opponent in one spot, to be at its most efficiency, the fact that ravage holds down the target and not allowing it to move away until done, is a great asset, since it is one of the main dmg dealing skills that the marauders have. 
On the other hand, carnage is an easily playable build,that doesnt require to much stress into playing it. 
Combined with Berserker, you can literaly down your opponent in terms of seconds,without any issue, but on the other hand, carnage isnt imo a good pvp based spec, since it doesnt come up, or doesnt add up anything for it. It is simply a lasy build that the marauder can get, spamming, gore and afterwards massacre. I dont find it atrractive, nor efficient, imo, it is more a pve build, rather then a pvp build.

Swtor Marauder builds

I would like to talk about the builds that can be attained and skill trees for the marauder class.
Lets look forward to the first skill tree, "anihilation" spec.
This is a build based on dots(damage over time) skills, of wich you attain sustained dps over the fight. I consider this build, one of the best for a 1v1 fight, and it has alot of disables,since you get to have your intrerupt skill cooldown on 5 seconds, while you disable the opponents skill for 4 seconds, so in other words, if done right, you can disable ones skill permanently. One more thing that is viable in anihilate, is "close quarters" it allows you to force charge the opponent from 0 meters, having no boundery on your jump is another great asset, since you can use it as a disable aswell( intrerupting ones ability while casted). Now the dots, not only they are sustaining dmg, but they also heal you for a small amount of your maximum hp(2%) altho,combined with Berserker, you can get a great amount of heals up while ur using your main attack skills, and if done in a good rotation, you can get a decent amount of dmg, with dps rolling constantly from dots. A pure example of rotation that sustains both heal and dps would be as prefered and followed: Force charge (3 rage) adding up bathering assaul (5 rage) + frenzy (followed with activating berserker) + deadly saber followed up with Rupture(your dot underway) + anihilate + rupture again ( if anihilate succesfully enabled ur rupture again) and followed up with a ravage it is a massive self heal dmg done to your opponent. After done with this rotation you should still have a decent amount of hp stacked up, and your bathering assaul and force charge ready for another rotation.
This is not a mandatory rotation, it is something i in particular prefer, but to make it more efficient, you have to keep your melee crit high as possible (will talk about it in a different post).

Swtor Marauder class

Sith warrior, also can go as juggernaught or marauder, but id like to outpoint the marauder itself.
Starting off, marauder is a pretty hard character to handle, most ppl considered it a broken class, as in worthless class, mostly imo because they didnt even know how to friggen use the character, they had to many skills to use, and just couldnt face it, its those ppl who acctually wanted to play something easy, like a bounty hunter arsenal for example (press the tracer spam) indeed, it only requires one button to play it wonderfully....
But lets get past that, marauder is a pretty hard char to control, you have decent utility on him, as in intrerupt, cc( force choke, can be considered) and mass cc ( intimidating roar) wich are its main asset in disabling opponents, and not to mention, force camuflauge, the skill that rlly makes ppl go mad, since u just vanish for 4 seconds, and can make a get away, and above that, reducing all incoming dmg by 50%.
About the attacking skills, its a pretty vide scale, depending on each player what they prefer to play as a marauder.
Either use dots to take down your foe, or use a slight boosted dmg while u focus one target, or just mass damage a whole group that is near you, and nuking them to oblivion :) But getting past that, the marauder not only he is a good dmg dealer, it also has a pretty decent defence, and can be used as a great asset along warzones. They can hold quite some dmg, and allow the range dps on theyr team, to focus down targets fast, while the marauder just grabs everyone up from the opposing team. Mostly, marauder is the class that gets alot of focus down(along a healer), usually because,if they get ignored, they can wipe out alot of targets, if they are played properly, so a marauder isnt a class that you rlly want to ignore, especially if we are talking about a nuker builded one.
Currently in swtor, since 1.2, marauders got enchanted big time, most ppl contesting againts it, and i do not blame them, since it is true, if a marauder has all his cooldowns, and every trinket avaible, he could kill any type of class, in a 1v1 fight. Some people might disagree, i tend to consider the opposite.

Swtor New Pvp items

The newly added up pvp items in swtor, the war hero gear. It is the latest and end game pvp tear gear that you can possible get, it was added up since 1.2 patch came out, and has a high price to aquire.
Basically, you need ranked warzone commendations combined with normal wz comendations to get the desired pieces. 
To get ranked wz coms, you need 30 normal wz comendations, to get 10 ranked wz coms. Since Bw didnt release the ranked warzone battles yet, this is the only way to get the ranked ones, wich is a pain. The lowest price on one armor piece is 2k ranked wz, and to aquire it, you need a battlemaster piece aswell to exchange it of. For example, if you want a warhero vindicator chest, you need 3.2k ranked wz coms + a battlemaster vindicator chest to get it. 
Not only that, but gather up the whole gear + ear + implants + relics, makes you hit above 30k ranked wz comendations to finalize all your wh gear, wich is alot. Right now, when u enter a wz, the maximum amount of normal wz comendations wich you get is 140 per match, so its a long way to cross. 
But the looks of it is wonderfull, and the extra armor rating wich is 146, instead of 140 of the BM gear + the extra expertize and the extra stats in the mods wich are rank 61 compensate for the bother of getting it, wich can easily hit up to one month, with a constant pvping with your character.

Pvp Items and gear

Most people are mostly into getting theyr end game gear asap, since it is trully vital to have good gear while you are facing your oponents in an open area, or in a warzone.
There certain gaps in aquiring pvp gear, and the epic gear is mostly based on your current valor rank that you achived along pvping. While leveling your character, you can get some gear from the combat training section on the imperial fleet, with wz comendations, altho. You can aquire pvp gear at lvl 20 and at level 40, orange pvp armor and weapons. Your valor rank cannot get past your current level, for example: if you are level 30 you cannot have a valor rank higher then 30 and a full gauge for it.
Only after hitting level 50 ,you`ll be able to get purple gear(epic) wich used to be centurion gear, champion gear ( right before 1.2 patch in swtor). These armors had been excluded from the game, and the only epic pvp gear that is left now is Recruit gear, battlemaster gear and warhero gear.

1.2 New Warzone: Novare Coast

Our latest warzone added since 1.2 in star wars the old republic, wich in my opinion is the most dinamic pvp warzone up to date. Consisting in a 3 point capture phase warzone, where u need to conquer atleast 2 points, to acctually inflict damage to your enemy team.
These 3 points are set likewise: southern bunker wich is at equal distance from both teams spawn point.
Western bunker wich is closer to the south western respawn point of one team.
Eastern bunker wich is closer to the south eastern respawn point of one team.
Both teams have to make sure they are capping 2 points and hold control to start dmging the opposing team. When the warzone starts, all the bunkers have a gauge filled up to half, half purple, half yellow, wich reflects the fact that they are neutral. Under the gauges both teams have 100% wich defines the actual health of the teams. Unlike the other warzones, like civil war or voidstar, the teams can cap from a far out distance wich is pointed out by some rocks in a circle around the bunker. 
Your team must make sure they hold of the other team ,while your fellows are capturing the bunker with a laser beam wich(to be able to cap, u need to point click the terminal inside the bunker, after wich the capturing starts in 3 seconds).
Incase a team lost a bunker, they have to sieze it again, and make sure they recapture it completly, it must be captured fully so your team has it up for inflicting damage.
Its based on alot of movement, disabling and holding the ground when needed in this very new warzone.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Selling SWTOR Level 50 marauder account


Level 50 Marauder equipped full Battlemaster.
has 2 sets combined with rakata battlemaster for. pvp ...

a pvp set for anihilation build, a set for  rage pvp spec.

Rakata set almost full, except + ear implants and one more piece (Waist if I am not wrong)

Turbo destler (the gray)

Rank 65 vehicle (red)
PVP Valor rank 75 +, more than 1 million ingame credits.

Character has everything you may need for this class,
both for PvP and for PvE, completely equipped and twinked at its best.
He also has another 7 battlemaster comendations, which also can
take part in the event to change armor pieces within equipment.

The account also has a level 50 assassin 
(equipment champion pvp + partially pvp battlemaster equipped )

Assasin Valor rank:  65 + and over 1 million ingame credits.

Marauder has pvp medpacs / adrenal,  Might stim(rakata) Fortitude stim (rakata)
Mods /enchantments.

Price: 500 $

Contact at:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PVP- player versus player 2nd intructions

In the first phase we talked about one of the warzone`s that we can find in swtor... "huttball".
Now we will talk about the 2nd and 3rd type of warzones, starting with: Voidstar. Voidstar is an attack/defend time/round based type of warzone.
Each team that either attacks or defends have 7 min $ 30 seconds to defend or attack succesfully. But what are we attacking and defending?  Mainly there are 3 checkpoints in the zone, consisting 2 doors at each checkpoint... 1 door on east and 1 door on the west side.
The defenders must make sure they do not allow players to plant a bomb on the door: The attacker team can interact with the door and have a 8 second timer gauge until they uccesfully plant. Any incoming attack on the player that is planting the bomb, will intrerupt it prematurely.
So your fellow attackers have to make sure, that they stun the opponents, push them back or kill them before they get to intrerupt the bomb planter. If the bomb has been succesfully planted, it needs 20 seconds before detonation... in this very time, the defenders must make sure they deactivate it, or the attackers proceed twoards the 2nd checkpoint. The defenders can interact with the bomb and defuse it, having 3 seconds for the defuse to take place.
If the attackers destroyed the first door, then they proceed twoards a bridge, that they must activate so they reach the 2nd door checkpoint. Same as planting... attackers have 8 seconds to lower the bridge after they interacted with the console panel, any intrerupt will end the  process. In this phase, the attackers can either generate a "choke point" for the defenders or destroy them quickly and have the bridge for theyr own without any interference.
Chocke point: The attacker is making sure they hold off the defenders to they wont reach the bridge, mainly someone with force speed ( sorcerer/assasin) will rush the panel to lower the bridge. After lowering the bridge, they once again will rush the 2nd door checkpoint and plant the door while the defenders are still trying to break through the attackers choke point. Destroying them:The attackers will wipe the defenders and they will be respawned past the bridge, that grants the attackers to raise the bridge without any hostile activity... but this will allow the defenders to place themselves in position to defend the 2nd checkpoint ( not advisible for the attacker).
After the attackers managed to destroy the 2nd door aswell ( if they still have time) they will proceed twoards the 3rd door. Same as before, but instead of a bridge, they will encounter a barrier wich they must shutdown, in order to get to the 3rd door. Same case for the defenders,they must not allow the attackers to lower it, and buy time. If the attackers lower the bridge, and destroy the 3rd door checkpoint, they will get to the main panel wich takes 0.5 seconds to activate. After the first round is done, comes round 2 of the warzone... where the ones that attacked before, will defend and vice versa for the defender team aswell.
If any team gets to the main panel before the 7 min and 30 seconds expire, they will reduce the time on the clock for the opposing team when they get to attack.
For example if the attackers get to the main panel in 5 minutes and activate it... in round 2 they will only have to defend 5 minutes, instead of 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
Winning method: Whoever gets to a further door wins( each door and barrier grants you 1 point, wich goes up to a maximum 6 points if you destroyed the last door and activated the main panel as well). Make sure you gain more ground then the opposing team, and defend well when it comes for you team  to do so. If on the other hand its a tie ( resulting from both teams getting to the same checkpoint) the winner will be randomly selected.

Monday, March 19, 2012

PVP- player versus player 1st intructions

Main territory war planet is ilum, which is based on capturing points, then is one point of each faction side. One point on south and north control and one control point. The idea is for each faction (light and dark) to capture these points by disabling  the enemies ground vehicles.
There are three other PVP warzones which are based on queue: each individual player has a queue button on the button right screen where they get to choose, either go in the wars solo (solo queue), this will lead the player to play with other random player in upcoming warzone.
Second option is queue group, where you get to invite three more players in your partie and get them to queue with you for the upcoming warzone match.
When the warzone pops-up, you will have a meter bar in the middle of the screen where you get 90 seconds to enter the warzone or leave. After you/team, will get in one of the three  following areas: hutt-ball-two opposing tams fighting over a central ball. Each team must get the ball in the opposing sides lines, to get a score.
Players can pass the ball to each other but the maximum range to pass is 30 meters.
Here are the rules:
1. Whoever gets to 6 goals, wins;
2.Whoever team has more goal points after the 15 minutes timer will win the match;
3. If both teams are tied for the lead, then  whoever control the ball until the timer is up, it will win the match;

SWTOR initial phase, how the register and play

 In the first instance only certain regions had access to game: the U.S. and Europe, then they opened access to Asia and other regions.To play you must register on swtor, to make a subscription related to your credit card or PayPal that you have. You can buy the game  on origin cost of 49.99 euros as digital standard  and 79.99 euros as digital luxury and then pay a monthly sum of $ 14.99.

SWTOR success on the market

Star Wars: The Old Republic, was considered the best MMO of 2011 and was a huge success since its launch. Bioware has sold over 10 million copies in pre orders and demonstrated that the 5 years of waiting were worth it.  
Even before launching the test phase of the game, hundreds of thousands of users were enthusiastic about the new project. Success was realized after launching the game also, after two months of its launch, the game exceeded 2 million registered players of which 1.8 million are active all the time.

People love Star Wars, MMO game, undoubtedly!

The world created in Star Wars: The Old Republic pc game

The game is based on two factions: Sith Empire and Republic, which were in constant war over the Galaxy where the war waged over thousand of years where either the dark side or light side will prevail.
Each factions has 4 classes Empire like:  Sith Worrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent.
On the following lines I will describe the four classes:

1.Sith Worrior

This is based on dual light saber mastery and is the main main line of attack considering its brute force and its vicious way to strike down his foes.

2.Sith Inquisitor

This one, uses the force as its main attacks.

3.Bounty Hunter

His main weapons are blaster rifle.

4.Imperial Agent

A Sith Empire infiltrator is being able to get passed enemy defences without being detected.

About Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic appeared on the market in December 2011 and  is abbreviated as SWTOR. Corporations like: BioWare, LucasArts and Eagames, have been working on this game more than five years.

Bioware designed the game and the characters complexity.  
LucasArts  has been involved with music, mostly scenarios, idelologia on planets we have found in Star Wars the movie, and also maintain the idea of the game: single player KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 (Knights of the Old Republic).
Eagames handled the advertising, promotion and distribution of the game on the market.