Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swtor Marauder builds

I would like to talk about the builds that can be attained and skill trees for the marauder class.
Lets look forward to the first skill tree, "anihilation" spec.
This is a build based on dots(damage over time) skills, of wich you attain sustained dps over the fight. I consider this build, one of the best for a 1v1 fight, and it has alot of disables,since you get to have your intrerupt skill cooldown on 5 seconds, while you disable the opponents skill for 4 seconds, so in other words, if done right, you can disable ones skill permanently. One more thing that is viable in anihilate, is "close quarters" it allows you to force charge the opponent from 0 meters, having no boundery on your jump is another great asset, since you can use it as a disable aswell( intrerupting ones ability while casted). Now the dots, not only they are sustaining dmg, but they also heal you for a small amount of your maximum hp(2%) altho,combined with Berserker, you can get a great amount of heals up while ur using your main attack skills, and if done in a good rotation, you can get a decent amount of dmg, with dps rolling constantly from dots. A pure example of rotation that sustains both heal and dps would be as prefered and followed: Force charge (3 rage) adding up bathering assaul (5 rage) + frenzy (followed with activating berserker) + deadly saber followed up with Rupture(your dot underway) + anihilate + rupture again ( if anihilate succesfully enabled ur rupture again) and followed up with a ravage it is a massive self heal dmg done to your opponent. After done with this rotation you should still have a decent amount of hp stacked up, and your bathering assaul and force charge ready for another rotation.
This is not a mandatory rotation, it is something i in particular prefer, but to make it more efficient, you have to keep your melee crit high as possible (will talk about it in a different post).

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