Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marauder rage

Rage spec, my favorite build at the moment. It is massive dmg if you come to twink it right. As rage marauder you want to keep it simple ,altho you will need alot of resources to make your foes tremble.
As rage marauder you want tons of power and surge, you dont rlly care about anything else. But if you know what you are doing you will simply have your crit above low and your accuracy on melee aswell.
Having alot of power ( mostly on all your gear) atleast 68 power on one piece and 48 surge.
You need accuracy aswell, because you have to ask yourself, what if i miss smash? or what if i did use smash but didnt inflict enough dmg? you gotta be aware that your ravage is based on melee ,your vicious throw is based on melee , and they are massive dmg dealing skills, that need to be at theyr hight, because you do not want to miss 10k if you miss smash, right? or you do not want to miss almost 5k dmg if you miss vicious throw right? all these are ment to be held up so you dmg enough.

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