Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sith assasin

Looking twoards the sith assasin, i find it a very good class, it is highly considered the most balanced character in swtor, and would like see the Deception class.
It is mainly based on massive burst damage, altho  it has low survivabillity,he doesnt lack the strenght to pin down any opponent in 1 versus 1 fight. It is kinda squishy  if he is being focused by multiple targets, but this build is made to take down tanks and tank healers out there. Deception is based on shock , maul and discharge as rotation,combined with recklessness, it can achieve a high amount of damage inflicted. A good rotation for it would consist in, voltaic slash 2x + low slash, followed up with mind crush and then shock and discharge, will have a huge about of dmg, if not even kill the opponent after done with this rotation.

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