Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swtor New Pvp items

The newly added up pvp items in swtor, the war hero gear. It is the latest and end game pvp tear gear that you can possible get, it was added up since 1.2 patch came out, and has a high price to aquire.
Basically, you need ranked warzone commendations combined with normal wz comendations to get the desired pieces. 
To get ranked wz coms, you need 30 normal wz comendations, to get 10 ranked wz coms. Since Bw didnt release the ranked warzone battles yet, this is the only way to get the ranked ones, wich is a pain. The lowest price on one armor piece is 2k ranked wz, and to aquire it, you need a battlemaster piece aswell to exchange it of. For example, if you want a warhero vindicator chest, you need 3.2k ranked wz coms + a battlemaster vindicator chest to get it. 
Not only that, but gather up the whole gear + ear + implants + relics, makes you hit above 30k ranked wz comendations to finalize all your wh gear, wich is alot. Right now, when u enter a wz, the maximum amount of normal wz comendations wich you get is 140 per match, so its a long way to cross. 
But the looks of it is wonderfull, and the extra armor rating wich is 146, instead of 140 of the BM gear + the extra expertize and the extra stats in the mods wich are rank 61 compensate for the bother of getting it, wich can easily hit up to one month, with a constant pvping with your character.

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