Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pvp Items and gear

Most people are mostly into getting theyr end game gear asap, since it is trully vital to have good gear while you are facing your oponents in an open area, or in a warzone.
There certain gaps in aquiring pvp gear, and the epic gear is mostly based on your current valor rank that you achived along pvping. While leveling your character, you can get some gear from the combat training section on the imperial fleet, with wz comendations, altho. You can aquire pvp gear at lvl 20 and at level 40, orange pvp armor and weapons. Your valor rank cannot get past your current level, for example: if you are level 30 you cannot have a valor rank higher then 30 and a full gauge for it.
Only after hitting level 50 ,you`ll be able to get purple gear(epic) wich used to be centurion gear, champion gear ( right before 1.2 patch in swtor). These armors had been excluded from the game, and the only epic pvp gear that is left now is Recruit gear, battlemaster gear and warhero gear.

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