Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swtor Marauder Carnage

Previously, i talked about Anahilate spec and its atributes, now i`ll tend to talk about Carnage Spec.
Carnage is sort of a build, wich grants you quick strikes, low dmg dealing ones (around 1.5k per hit) but constantly, so in terms, you can down your oponent quite quickly, if he doesnt spot you and counters it.
Carnage is based most on holding the opponent in one spot, to be at its most efficiency, the fact that ravage holds down the target and not allowing it to move away until done, is a great asset, since it is one of the main dmg dealing skills that the marauders have. 
On the other hand, carnage is an easily playable build,that doesnt require to much stress into playing it. 
Combined with Berserker, you can literaly down your opponent in terms of seconds,without any issue, but on the other hand, carnage isnt imo a good pvp based spec, since it doesnt come up, or doesnt add up anything for it. It is simply a lasy build that the marauder can get, spamming, gore and afterwards massacre. I dont find it atrractive, nor efficient, imo, it is more a pve build, rather then a pvp build.

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