Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swotr Pvping As melee

Lets look at certain styles of play as a melee character. First of all, you gotta be aware of 2 things: 1 staying close to your enemy as much as possible, and 2nd do not allow him to frequently have hits on you. Basically as marauder for example, you can kite around even in a melee fight. Y is this good, simply, it depends on your acctuall spec. If you are rage build vs rage build, you do not want your opponent to strike u down with smash, so you have to make sure that he misses that, if the opponent does miss, then you have a higher chance of winning againts him. How to avoid? well, usually you get cought up by latency, so the character is acctually closer to you then it is shown on your screen, but nevertheless, whever you see you opponent having 4x stacks of shock wave up and running, you can try to kite away, pull away as much as possible, or just go force camo to reduce 50% dmg, or pop a defensive abbility up.

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