Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swtor Classes

Starting of, i would like to look forward to each individual class. I would like to start off with one class that i find unworth and mostly being played by people who are lasy ( bounty hunter) arsenal build.
Lets look at the facts, this class is just made for people who arent capable of pressing more then 3 buttons, they are only using tracer missile most of the time, and incase someone comes and intrerupts them, they either stay and dont do anything, or either spamm something else, like fusion missile or unload(if they even remember about it having them). Mostly this class has potency, and is more then just 3 buttons, it is the bad players that acctually play it makes the class bad, not that it is. Most of them go like, they cant do anything about melee ,cause they cant run away, wrong. They have a good chance to kill a melee even alone, but if they would acctually learn how to kite, then that wouldnt be a problem, some people are just bad, period.

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