Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swtor Marauder Rage

In this post i`ll talk about rage build. Rage build is a nuking build, wich focuses on taking down theyr targets with massive damage all togheder.
Main skill in rage is smash, with is the heavy hitter. Your skills grant you critical smash for 20 seconds gathered up from (force charge and obliterate) that allow you to crit. 
Further off, your other stacking smash skills are force choke and force crush, wich grant you smash, and when you have 4 stacks, it doubles your dmg on the crit smash. You can roll above 6k dmg on light armor with one smash blow, and over 4ks on heavy armor opponents. 
Not only that,rage is good in team up warzone party`s. it aids your team to toll down quickly whoever is againts you, and nuke them in a large group, leaving them with low hp and having your team finish them off.  

Main problem is having a distance between your opponent and yourself, since you need your force charge at use most of the time, you`ll want to wander around and not stick close, so you have all the utility and use of all your skills, while you are waiting for your smash to charge up and finish the job :) For this build to be quite viable, you`ll need stacking power and surge to add up massive damage ( but i`ll discuss about it in another post).

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