Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marauder Basics

Each build involves getting twinked certain stats for maximum output, it is up to the player to know to acctually get the character build right in equipement,for it to be efficient.
Looking at the marauder, we see he is based on melee attacks as anihilate or carnage, and based on force when we come to look over rage build. 
You need to equilize and point out the stats that you require to make a good use out of your skills, you need to know what is at its best, and how to twist around, reduce or enhance stats for better performance. 
Coming to note the fact that it would be a waste for example ,to add up alot of crit, if your rage spec, or ignore critical if your anihilate or carnage spec, i will look forward to point out each individual stat base build for each spec, to be at its full potency.

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