Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swtor Craftin

Before 1.2 crafting wasnt really a big deal, since most ppl just went biochem for the rakata stims and adrenals, and nobody was really considering crafting armors and such. 
Altho, after 1.2 , the scales tipped into crafting favors, since atm, u can acctually craft and get to crit augments on your wh armors, wich is an add up to your stats overall. 
Mostly, its synthweaving and armortech that grants you the crafting abillity, for light medium and heavy armors, wich you can grade up slowly to achieve a high tier armor. 
The wh armor schematics can be purchased for 50k  credits at the any pvp wh vendor on the imperial fleet, wich will grant you 5 pieces wich are ( helmet  chest, gloves, leggings and boots ). You can still augment weapons aswell, but as far as i know, you cannot get the pvp implants ear, wrists and waist augmented, only the pve ones.

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