Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1.2 New Warzone: Novare Coast

Our latest warzone added since 1.2 in star wars the old republic, wich in my opinion is the most dinamic pvp warzone up to date. Consisting in a 3 point capture phase warzone, where u need to conquer atleast 2 points, to acctually inflict damage to your enemy team.
These 3 points are set likewise: southern bunker wich is at equal distance from both teams spawn point.
Western bunker wich is closer to the south western respawn point of one team.
Eastern bunker wich is closer to the south eastern respawn point of one team.
Both teams have to make sure they are capping 2 points and hold control to start dmging the opposing team. When the warzone starts, all the bunkers have a gauge filled up to half, half purple, half yellow, wich reflects the fact that they are neutral. Under the gauges both teams have 100% wich defines the actual health of the teams. Unlike the other warzones, like civil war or voidstar, the teams can cap from a far out distance wich is pointed out by some rocks in a circle around the bunker. 
Your team must make sure they hold of the other team ,while your fellows are capturing the bunker with a laser beam wich(to be able to cap, u need to point click the terminal inside the bunker, after wich the capturing starts in 3 seconds).
Incase a team lost a bunker, they have to sieze it again, and make sure they recapture it completly, it must be captured fully so your team has it up for inflicting damage.
Its based on alot of movement, disabling and holding the ground when needed in this very new warzone.

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