Monday, March 19, 2012

PVP- player versus player 1st intructions

Main territory war planet is ilum, which is based on capturing points, then is one point of each faction side. One point on south and north control and one control point. The idea is for each faction (light and dark) to capture these points by disabling  the enemies ground vehicles.
There are three other PVP warzones which are based on queue: each individual player has a queue button on the button right screen where they get to choose, either go in the wars solo (solo queue), this will lead the player to play with other random player in upcoming warzone.
Second option is queue group, where you get to invite three more players in your partie and get them to queue with you for the upcoming warzone match.
When the warzone pops-up, you will have a meter bar in the middle of the screen where you get 90 seconds to enter the warzone or leave. After you/team, will get in one of the three  following areas: hutt-ball-two opposing tams fighting over a central ball. Each team must get the ball in the opposing sides lines, to get a score.
Players can pass the ball to each other but the maximum range to pass is 30 meters.
Here are the rules:
1. Whoever gets to 6 goals, wins;
2.Whoever team has more goal points after the 15 minutes timer will win the match;
3. If both teams are tied for the lead, then  whoever control the ball until the timer is up, it will win the match;

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